Christmas is just around the corner and all the “top toys” are flying off store shelves at a rapid rate. Relax, it is definitely not too late to score some incredible toys with a purpose that will bring huge smiles on Christmas morning – and not break before New Year’s Eve.

Teaching your children survival skills should begin early. Even toddlers can begin learning handicraft, critical thinking, and comprehension skills that will help them on their journey to become self-reliant and independent adults.

There are far too many American children sitting on the couch staring into some type of electronic screen or rotting their brains playing on social media while the family sits down to dinner.

Prepper kids have far better things to do with their time than literally twitter their thumbs on some keyboard. Browse through this list of top Christmas toys that not only bring the fun, but the learning too, for some gift-giving ideas for the kiddos on your shopping list this year.

Carpentry Toys

Teach children how to build their own toys and introduce them to basic carpentry skills.

  • The Young Builders tool set and tool belt includes basic and real manual hand tools built for little hands.
  • The Kraftic DIY deluxe carpentry woodworking kit comes with enough materials and instructions to make six projects. The kit includes  80 Pieces of Real Wood, 2 Pencils, a Ruler, Nails, Sandpaper, Glue, a Storage Bag and Hammer.

Kids Carpentry Kit

  • To introduce carpentry skills to younger children, check out the SES Creative Carpentry Wood Building Playset. The kit includes wood blocks and round coupled with wood dowel pegs to build small projects with the included wooden ping style hammer.
  • The Made By Me boxed set of four wooden vehicles does not use tool but wood glue and is designed with the toddler and preschool set in mind.
  • Already have tools for the kiddos? Maybe the Easy Carpentry Projects For Children book would be a great stocking stuffer, or combined with some boards and hardware as part of a larger gift.

Engineering, Electronics, And Mechanics

Create a solid foundation in engineering, mechanics, and electronics in the prepper kids you love using experience-based toys designed to foster hands-on learning.

  • The Tinkering Labs Electric Motors Catalyst STEM Kit  is an introduction into not only basic engineering, but circuit building and robotics, as well. The kit is comprised of real wood parts, actual working motors, and authentic hardware used in engineering projects by adults. This toy is designed for middle and high school children.

  • Upper elementary school children interested in learning about electronics may rave after opening the Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100 Electronics Exploration Kit. It has more than 100 different STEM projects that can be completed and are detailed in the included project manual.
  • The Trends UK Haynes Build Your Own V8 Engine features more than 100 parts, including a motorized model simulates real motor. The motor in the kit has spark plugs that light up and makes both ignition and engine sounds. This mechanical top Christmas toy is designed for middle and high school age children.
  • Early elementary school children can learn how to build their own race car to play with via the Prextex 4 in 1 Build Your Own Racer Car Set. The kit comes with a working drill and more than 50 screws to build and take apart a car that functions with lights and sound when put together.
  • The Pica Toys Wooden Solar and Wireless Remote Control Car teaches children the basics of engineering, mechanics, and robotics why building a solar-powered remote controlled car. The kit is designed for upper elementary to high school kids.
  • The K’NEX Education – Intro to Simple Machines: Levers and Pulleys Set is a learning experience that will prepper kids in middle elementary school for hours on end. The kits come with nearly 200 pieces and a construction guide to make simple machines the children can also use when playing with their action figures, dolls, and toy farm.


Sewing is a traditional homesteading skill that used to be passed down from generation to generation. Even if you do not yet know how to sew, you can help instill the skills in a prepper child you love this Christmas courtesy of these simple yet delightful toys and kits.

  • The Woodland Friends sewing kit by is designed for children ages seven to 12, but should be fun for younger children with some adult help, as well. This kit will not only teach some basic sewing skills, but hopefully foster a love of making your own simple low-tech toys, as well.

woodland friends sewing kit

Bryte Kids Sewing Kit and Unicorn Fairy Garden Craft




  • The Cool Maker – Sew N’ Style Sewing Machine includes a pom-pom maker attachment so the little girl who receives this machine an add some extra flare to her projects. It has a safety cone around the needle area and enough fabric to make five projects guided by the instruction manual.  

Survival Skills

Teaching prepper kids how to hunt, shoot, and learn how to function in the great outdoors is most likely something you are already doing on a regular basis. Because real firearms and bows for upper elementary to high school children are already on your shopping list, we won’t include them here.

  • This wood bow and arrow twin kit looks and feels like the real thing, but has rubber tips to make it a safe first bow to preschool age children. The Adventure Awaits! set also includes 20 arrows and 2 quivers.

kids bow and arrow


Learning can and should be fun. Children learn best through play, making Christmas perhaps the best time of the year to begin a more focused survival skills plan with the youngsters in your family or mutual assistance group.