We’re not yet another fly by night survival website. Everyone here lives the prepper life everyday. Like you, we are wholeheartedly invested in the survival of ourselves and our loved ones. Our locations, area of expertise, and skill levels may vary, but each and every one of us in indeed a real prepper. So, welcome friend – you are about to discover some honest information that you can actually use…and just might save your life one day.

Call it whatever you want…SHTF, WROL, Armageddon, Total Collapse, TEOTWAWKI, FUBAR or something else entirely. You already know it’s better to be prepared for the worst, even if that day never comes. Prepping is also critical for short term and personal emergencies, whether it’s a hurricane or a bad guy kicking in your front door. Bottom line, being ready for anything is a non-negotiable moral obligation to yourself, your family and your country.

That’s why we created Prepper.com, an online retreat for likeminded individuals to learn, share wisdom, and get closer to achieving total self-reliance every single day.

Here’s how we aim to accomplish that mission:

Verified Experts

So many websites in the survival and preparedness genre are written by wannabes, cheap offshore labor and spinbots.  We only publish original content by vetted and recognized experts in their respective fields with full transparency.

Actionable How-To Content

The world has more than enough “Top 10” listicles already. We heavily emphasize 100% original and high quality and content from people who actually know what they’re talking about, illustrated with detailed photos and videos whenever possible.

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