Benchmade Knives recently came under heavy fire for working with police in Oregon City to destroy confiscated and surrendered guns. Proving that your average jack booted thug with access to a social media account is neither smart, nor clever, the Oregon City Police Department posted an image showing workers at Benchmade destroying what looked like a highly collectible Russian SKS rifle, and a once perfectly good shotgun.

While this sort of statist boot licking might be endearing in some circles, real Americans understand that the fetish for destroying guns by police departments is part of an anti gun ploy that treats firearms as something that must be kept from law abiding Americans.

Many jurisdictions have a fondness for destroying “crime guns”, even if they were stolen property. There is no rational logic there beyond “one less gun off the streets derr hurr hurr.” But let’s get back to Benchmade, because it gets hilarious pretty fast.

Why Destroy Perfectly Good Guns?

So here is the thing with guns that police send to be destroyed. Sometimes ill-informed people give unwanted guns to the police expecting them to be destroyed. Somehow, the destruction of a dead husband’s deer rifle, or great grandfather’s old pistol in a drawer will magically prevent violent crime. Disregarding the fact that there is literally a firearm for every man, woman and child in the United States, the liberal propensity for thinking torching a gun somehow keeps it “off the streets” is frankly retarded.

Enter the simpering fools of the Oregon City Police Department. They don’t have to accept guns for destruction. If a person really wants to destroy a gun they own, they should man up and do it themselves, instead of relying on the government to do it for them. Guns seized from criminals can be legally sold in Oregon, instead of destroyed, and selling them to a reputable FFL dealer is a great way for cash strapped departments to make a few extra bucks.

Or they can demonstrate their lack of moral fortitude and cut them up for a few cheap photo ops to appeal to the limited intellect anti-gun crowd. Guess what route Oregon City PD chose?

But it gets better…

The Dumpster Fire Starts

After Oregon City Police posted their picture thanking Benchmade for helping them destroy perfectly good guns, a social media shitstorm ensued. Now remember that Oregon City Police are a government agency. This will be important in a minute, because you see, rather than face criticism for their jack booted thuggery, Oregon City Police chose to simply delete their post. Of course the internet never forgets, and the internet was also quick to point out that destroying what amounts to a public record is usually frowned upon in the law.

Yes, it can be argued that their post amounts to a public record, as it was communication generated by a government agency, along with a number of replies to it. And they destroyed it. Just like the evil scary guns!

After attempting to memory hole their stupidity, Benchmade joined the fray, with some incomprehensible word salad about defending the 2nd Amendment and also supporting the destruction of guns by the government. Hint, those two things are not compatible with each other.

To make things more amusing, Jim Fuller of Rifle Dynamics chimed in, and recounted a time when a very expensive gun was stolen from him, and later destroyed by police because it was used as a “crime gun.” Naturally, being a patriotic American gun owner, Fuller has rebuffed attempts from local law enforcement to destroy guns for them.

It Gets Better (Worse)

What would you say about a company that sells tactical knives, claims to support the 2nd Amendment, and has donated tens of thousands of dollars to Democrats?

I’d say these are things that are not compatible with each other, unless you are simply trying to bilk money from gullible Americans, while cozying up to the tyrants who would disarm us and remake the US in the image of some statist shithole.

As the pushback from Benchmade’s Very Bad Choices(™) grew, I heard from one knife dealer who has already chosen to drop Benchmade from his product line. I’m certain he isn’t the only one, and given the margins these sorts of businesses operate under, a few months of angry consumers could really crush their bottom line. Might make it harder for them to pour money into the hands of their Democrat masters, or even stay in business. Darn.

Much Hilarity Ensued

Not content to simply call Benchmade out on their stupidity, and to poke fun at the Oregon City Police (the same sick freaks who think selling plush toys of their K-9 attack dogs is a good idea) people quickly went on the meme making warpath to drive home just how much failure Benchmade was wallowing in. In fact, all the images in this article were found at Benchmade Memes. You should really check them out and join in on the fun.

Look, there isn’t a lot that can be said here. A popular knife company that claims to support American gun owners got caught with their pants down. Then it turns out that not only are they complicit with anti-gun agendas, they donate money to the very people who want to take our gun rights away. At that point, there isn’t much more you can say, except to make fun of them. When you add in the Oregon City Police destroying public records to cover their worthless butts, you’ve got a perfect storm of madness that can only happen in a far left state like Oregon.

Of course one might wonder why the Oregon City Police did’t just destroy the guns themselves. Are none of their big, bad, tough cops capable of operating an angle grinder for a few minutes? Is a blowtorch beyond the skill of anyone working for Oregon City? Perhaps their union won’t let them use power tools. Hey, gotta keep that civil asset forfeiture money coming in somehow!

I don’t know about you, but when I buy a knife, I don’t like to support the enemies of the American people and those who would take our gun rights away. I certainly don’t need some neckbearded blade hipster trying to tell me how great their organic free-range hand crafted in Oregon knife is, and then watch them give money from that sale to support Democrats. Do you?

Benchmade showed their true colors, and I’m fairly certain the invisible hand of the market is about to bitchslap them. They better hope their statist bootlicking pays off and that they can pick up a government contract or two. Because that’s probably all the business they’ll be doing for awhile. Maybe we can give them the benefit of the doubt though. Perhaps Benchmade’s management was just too busy sitting in their office and coloring to notice how badly they messed up.

Nah. Screw ’em.