Survival Basics Guide

19 Core Skills Every Prepper Needs To Know

Ron Foster

By Ron Foster

Survival Expert, Prepper Fiction Author and Contributor

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“Everywhere around us, disaster is waiting to strike. From natural disasters like earthquakes, floods and hurricanes, to man made disasters like fuel leaks or explosions, civil unrest, or terrorism, the world can be a dangerous place. However, we can make our life, and the world around us a bit more secure by mastering key survival skills that will give us an edge over the unprepared masses.


By assessing the tools at our disposal, we can determine how to best approach a given situation. No two emergencies are alike, and while we can apply certain key skillsets and tools to a type of emergency or disaster, people will approach each unique problem in their own unique ways. Only you can judge what tools and knowledge you need in order to face disaster and uncertainty. No two approaches and situations are alike, and neither are the responses to them.


I’ve prepared a list of nineteen different important survival skills you need to master in order to give yourself that “survival edge.” These skills are both broad in application and easy to master. When combined and understood, you will move away from the sheep like mentality of being dependent on others, and rise up to being a more self reliant person better able to take care of yourself and your family.”

–Ron Foster

In this original guide you will learn:


Situational Awareness

A person aware of the world around them is less of a target for crime – predators prefer their victims unaware. However, situational awareness is more than just being aware of the immediate world around you.


Survival Mindset

When disaster strikes, it is natural to feel disoriented, confused and even to panic. What matters – and what the survival mindset teaches, is how to overcome and deal with that, before moving on to solving your survival problems.


Finding and Purifying Water

Without water, you’ll die in very short order. This makes finding and purifying water one of the single most important skills a person can have.


Build A Wilderness Survival Shelter From Scratch

One of the most valuable pieces of survival equipment you can have is a  good poncho. Not only does it serve as a piece of clothing for foul weather, but it can be quickly made into an improvised shelter.


Starting A Fire Under Any Circumstance

Fire can be used to cook food and purify water – not to mention keeping you and your family warm, which improves your chance of survival. Learn how to start a survival fire in both dry and wet environments.


Foraging For Food

You need to learn the common and uncommon edible plants in your area, or the area you are traveling to. You’ll also want to learn how to prepare and eat them ahead of time, and will have ideally made a practice of that.


How To Defend Yourself

Choose the personal defense tools that are right for you, and train with them. You may never need them, or you made need them tomorrow. Survival means staying alive, and sometimes that means fighting.


First Aid

During a disaster situation you cannot expect to get professional medical help, so it is important to know how to treat yourself and others. Every household should have a good first aid manual and a well-stocked kit.


Turn Your Car Into a Generator

Use an inverter to generate standard AC power with your car engine to run small appliances, a computer, or other things that can’t run off the standard 12 volt DC charging port.


Have A Plan

Without a plan, you are flying blind, but with a good plan, you can pull yourself out of almost situation, even if you don’t have every piece of gear you might want.


Be Ready to Move Away From Danger Quickly

While anyone can hop in their car and get out of town, that rarely be enough to survive an disaster. You need a well packed bugout bag or “go bag” that will see to your immediate and short term survival needs.


Be Cautious When Contacting Others

It is natural to want to trust other people, and to lend a hand to fellow survivors. But this must be tempered by an abundance of caution. Your first priority is to yourself and your family or group.


Food And Water Storage

There are all sorts of food and water storage systems that are applicable for long and short term solutions. Know what is right for your situation.


Tying Knots

Good strong knots come in handy for a bunch of likely survival scenarios. Being able to secure gear, or tie a line to support a shelter is important.


Learn The Medicinal Properties Of Wild Plants

As with any survival skill that requires knowledge and practice, learn this one now while you can. Some plant based medicine can be very potent and even lethal if not understood.


Know How To Heat Your Home

There are many ways to heat your home when your furnace loses power or gas. Work on how you plan to heat yours now if you lose the capability.


Understand The Danger Of Feral Dogs

In many rural and urban areas, feral dogs are a real health and safety problem. In some cases, they crossbreed with local coyotes, and run in mixed packs.


Learn Your Geographical Area And Don’t Get Lost

By all means, keep a GPS on hand, and the means to recharge it. But also learn how to use a map and compass.


Consider An Air Rifle

Air rifles are an excellent survival tool in many cases. With a decent pellet rifle and a good supply of ammo, you’ll have a game getting, pest controlling gun that won’t break the bank and is rarely heavily regulated.

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